What we do

Our focus is on building unique, niche products that have an immediate market impact. Much of our recent work lies in the gaming and eSports realm, as we see great potential in this growing industry.

tychus app


Watch eSports tournaments and games (VODs) without spoilers. All games are categorized and timestamped, with all rounds and games hidden until the correct time.

sly.phantom eSports


sly.phantom is an eSports organization that is currently building out it's roster to compete in professional and amature events. The immediate focus is on Starcraft II and Overwatch.

RocketCop 2045

RocketCop 2045

An open-world, sandbox Virtual Reality game for Daydream VR. You play as a "Sky-policeman" who flies around the city to deal with incidents and interact with citizens.

Client Applications

We've built a variety of web applications and content management systems for corporate use. Since the applications are not for public use, please reach out for a demo.

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Interested in bringing your world-changing idea to life? We can make it happen. Whether it's a game, web application, mobile application, virtual reality or an augmented reality in-person experience we have the knowledge and capability to bring ideas to life.