Our Work

RocketCop 2045

This Virtual Reality game is the first mobile game published by esoteryk gaming studios. Fly around the city using your Rocketgun, arrest criminals using a tractor beam, assist citizens in need, activate patrol droids to unlock new characters/incidents and avoid futuristic traffic while exploring Tricerabad city.

Breier & Bride

Breier & Bride provided elegant and sophisticated wedding services for couples in the Southern California area. After many years of dedication to the strenuous work of putting on amazing wedding ceremonies, the owner decided to take a well deserved hiatus. Business was going so well that she opted to take down the site temporarily, until she is ready to jump back into the madness. We archived the site for them here, since we enjoyed building it.

Kendall Reyes

It's often difficult for professional athletes to convey their brand and establish an online space to support that brand. When Kendall mentioned that he was struggling to get what he needed from his "web guy" we offered to give him a helping hand. Kendall does a lot of work with the youth and really tries to make that the focus of his site. The site is currently pending launch, but we are still proud of it because it accomplishes the goal - a simple, clean responsive site that speaks to his efforts with the kids.

American Factory Wheels

American Factory Wheels provides wheels and rims to consumers in the San Diego area. It was nice to work with a local business in order to get their new site hosted with state of the art caching layers and auto-scaling potential. Consulting for this company has been an interesting challenge, since we worked with multiple other vendors in order to facilitate the import of over 89,000 car parts into their online search tool.

Showroom Software

Showroom software provides online showrooms to compliment traditional furniture and designer showrooms. They rely on us to provide maintenance and engineering of all their showrooms.

DLA Piper - GCFM

When DLA Piper needed to build a landing site for their new international project portal, they enlisted our help. Hitting an extremely tight and ambitious timeline was easily the highest point for our young company. It is a great source of pride for us that we were able to deliver a solid, clean and successful product with such a fast turn around. In addition to the design, development and hosting for this project, esoteryk also built an IP whitelist to block all users who are not working from a DLA office (which is why there are no links to the site shown here).

Intergalactic Brewing

Intergalactic Brewing is a small local brewery in San Diego. Dealing in handmade ales and extreme nerdery, this place is a craft beer geek's home away from home.

Mic My Word

Eric Rubalcava is a professional voice actor in San Diego. He is currently doing voice work for radio commercials, events and sporting events. His resume is filled with a rich array of voices that span all corners of the map.

halfway point

Local startup "Halfway Point" needed some help building out a beta version of their social meeting web application, so they looked to us. While all UX and design was taken care of by Halfway, our team provided the functionality which automatically places the halfway point. Although this was not the first map-centric web application we helped to build, we do see a lot of potential with one and are excited to see how much Halfway will grow.

slyphantom comics

We helped upstart comic book studio slyphantom establish a presence on the web. By leveraging a simple, clean content management system we were able to deliver a website that is easy to update and visually representative of the client. If you have an interest in comic books, or alternative literature give their comic books and graphic novels a read.

San Diego Crime Info

San Diego Crime Info was a web application that provided real-time arrest and police reports. Citizens tracked recent arrests, as well as totals for various areas of San Diego. The crime statistics and feeds were supplied by ARJIS and Local Crime News affiliates of San Diego. This website also provides live audio feeds from local safety departments.

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