Open source development

All of our developers at esoteryk are open source enthusiasts. We strive to build using new, exciting technologies and methods. Custom code is developed for each project, as the project requirements call for it. It is important to us that we contribute patches back to the community when we fix issues or add features to a project.

Content Management Systems

Our open source engineers are highly skilled professionals, who build out and maintain large scale content management systems every day. Not only do our engineers build customized systems to specifications, they also keep our project budgets reasonable by re-purposing as many features as possible.

Hosting and Maintenance

In most cases, our clients simply want us to deliver over the finished application. However, we also provide hosting and maintenance for those who do not already have application servers and load balancers. Let us handle your hosting, domains and maintenance, so you can focus on your business.

e-Commerce Solutions

Simple e-Commerce websites can be done efficiently and quickly, as long as the functionality is straightforward. By utilizing open source frameworks and trusted payment gateways, we are cutting costs and standardizing code in order to promote a higher level of stability.

Quality Assurance Testing

Every product that we make comes with quality assurance included in the cost. We do not bill you for QA hours worked or even a flat rate, we simply guarantee that our products work. All work is audited for security and coding standards. You can feel assured that when we hand over a project it is built to last and is done with industry best practices in mind.

Training and Support

When we deliver a product we provide training documents and video tutorials to help you with the content entry process. In order to make sure that you know how to use your new system we will provide step by step instructions that you can refer to at any time.

Pay the nerds directly. We have no extra overhead, just developers and project managers.